Opening of the Museum, with presentation by Fernanda Lages and Inês Ponte, for the participants of the III Conference on Mental health at ISPTundavala. Photograph by Armando António.

After the deposit of the legacy of the anthropologist, filmmaker and writer Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1941-2010) at the Instituto Superior Politécnico da Tundavala, the directors of ISPTundavala invited the anthropologist Inês Ponte, who mediated the deposit at the request of Carvalho’s heirs, to make a curatorship proposal for the display of the ethnographic fund. With the support of Marcelo Cândido, the manager of the exhibition space, and of Eduarda and Virgilio Victória Pereira for logistics, the display opened during the III Conference on Mental Health at ISPTundavala, on the 11 October.

Since that date the Museum displays a thematic exhibition about socio-cultural dimensions of the Southern region, as well as an Herbarium, coordinated by Fernanda Lages (ISCED-Huíla), dedicated to the plants growing in the campus, located between Humpata and Tundavala.

Detail of the section “Basketry and Griding” and “Carvalho's fieldwork Tools”. Photograph by Inês Ponte.

The collection of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho holds around 300 artifacts, allowing to invoke several dimensions of everyday life of the rural communities in the region, also to introduce Carvalho’s biography and work, a section of fauna and diverse naturalia he gathered over his life. The ISPTundavala is also gathering its won collection.

This museal space adds to the museal institutions active in the city of Lubango, Huíla province, Angola. Being a resource also to the students of ISPTundavala, it is open to all visitors.

The opening was announced by Angop at 11 october, here.

Detail of the Section “Ceramics”. Photograph by Inês Ponte