To commemorate the day of the Independence of Angola, the Instituto Superior Politécnico da Tundavala, has organised a screening of the documentary “Uma Festa para Viver” , de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1941-2010). The session was presented by Inês Ponte, who moderated the debate after the screening. The screening took place on the 9 November at the Ruy Duarte de Carvalho auditorium, ISPTundavala, Lubango, Angola.

An important historical document, “Uma Festa para Viver” (35 min; Produced by Televisão Popular de Angola, canal 2, programa experimental; Directed by the Chatertone team) the film was shot in countdown during the 15 days
leading up to Angola’s independence. The film depicts the expectations of a
family from the Cazenga neighbourhood in Luanda, of the TAP airline workers,
and the ceremony that took place in the capital city’s suburb on November 11.

The film is available online at RDC Virtual, a digital film archive dedicated to the work of the Angolan filmmaker who was also an anthropologist and writer, from Portuguese descent.