The seminar series Science and Empire, 2017-2018, will conclude with a full day of presentations and debates, on 25 June, between 9h45 and 17h30, at ICS, Room 3. 

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9h45. Opening

10h00. Nature and Culture

Ricardo Roque (ICS-UL), Languages that bleed: races and language groups in Anthropological Missions

Ana Rita Amaral (ICS-UL), Missions, anthropology and late colonialism from the case of the Spiritans in Angola

Inês Ponte (ICS-UL), Scientific entanglements in an Africanist photo-etno-graphy over the Portuguese Estado Novo

11h15. Pause

11h30. Landscapes

Cláudia Castelo (CIUHCT-UL), “But the bell keeps ringing”: the function of field geography in late colonialism

Maria do Mar Gago (ICS-UL), Science, coffee and decolonization: the case of the coffee tree rust research centre

Bárbara Direito (CIUHCT-NOVA FCT), Conflicts surrounding nature conservation in the late-colonial period: the case of the Quiçama park, Angola

12h45. Lunch

14h30. Populations

José Neves (IHC/NOVA FCSH), Amilcar Cabral and the agricultural census of Guinea: history, memory and policy of a survey.

Vera Marques Alves (CRIA and CIUHCT-UL), “The Portuguese is a terrible colonizer”: the confessions of António Rita Ferreira and the paradoxical place of anthropology in the colonial system in Mozambique (1954-1974)

Nuno Domingos (ICS-UL), Os Africanos de Lourenço Marques de António Rita-Ferreira and the modernisation policies in Mozambique

15h45. Pause

16h00. Networks

Frederico Ágoas (CICS.NOVA FCSH), Science, diplomacy and late colonialism: the Portuguese participation in INCIDI and CCTA

Rui Pereira (IHC/NOVA FCSH), International cooperation as a strategy for the scientificisation of colonial domination


5:30 p.m. Closure



Frederico Ágoas (CICS.NOVA FCSH)
Cláudia Castelo (CIUHCT-UL)
Ricardo Roque (ICS-UL)