Mobilising Archives: from photography in Southwest Angola 

to history, photography and anthropology

Combining photography with anthropology and history, Mobilising Archives is a research project that looks at Africanist archival photography from a postcolonial perspective. It focuses on the evolving concept of ethnographic photography by exploring ethnographers’ field photography production and subsequent use.

The research selected three ethnographers as case studies (Carlos Estermann, António Carreira and Ruy Duarte de Carvalho), whose overall photographic production covers one same region, Southern Angola, from the 1930s to the 1990s, and one overall theme: rural people. 

Our diachronic long-term approach, from colonialism to post-coloniality, included research in both virtual and physical archives and libraries and fieldwork in Southern Angola.

This website assembles some of the findings, experiments and resources used or created in the research. 

The project was funded from February 2017 to February 2020


Inês Ponte


Ricardo Roque (ICS-ULisboa)

Patricia Hayes (University of the Western Cape, South Africa)

Research Support

Ana Gandum (research assistant sep2019-feb2020)

Telma Vinhas (Project Officer ICS-ULisboa)



Host Institutions

Institute of Social Sciences – ULisboa

Research Group Empires, Colonialism 

and Postcolonial Societies



Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (747508),

European Commission

Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BPD/115706/2016)


Centro de Estudos e Investigação Científica, Universidade Católica de Angola, Luanda

ISCED-Huíla, Lubango, Angola

ISPTundavala, Lubango, Angola


National Museum of Ethnology, Lisbon, Portugal

Huila’s Regional Museum, Lubango, Angola

Archive of the Portuguese Branch of the 

Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Lisbon


Aurélio Gunga (Dir. Provincial Cultura, Namibe)

Carlos Ribeiro(ISPTundavala)

Carmen Rosa (MNEtnologia)

Euracema Major (Dir. Provincial Cultura, Namibe)

Eva Carvalho

Fernanda Lages (Herbário/ISCED Huíla)

Helder Bahu (ISCED-Huíla)

Pe. João Mónico (APbCHS)

José Luis Mateus Alexandre (ISCED-Huíla)

Luhuna Carvalho

Manuel Alves da Rocha (CEIC-UCA)

Marcelina Gomes (Dir. Provincial Cultura, Huíla)

Margarida Ventura (ISPTundavala)

Margarida Teixeira(CEIC-UCA)

Nidia Klein (Centro Cultural Brasil-Angola)

Paulo Costa (MNEtnologia)

Rute Magalhães

Soraia Santos (Museu Regional da Huíla)


Adriano Gomes

Alberto Cardoso

Alfredo Caldeira

Ana Botas

Armando António

Pe. Artur

Branca Moriés

Irmão Cassinda

Claúdia Oliveira

Cristina Rodrigues

Eduarda Victória Pereira

Eduardo (Dudas)

Elizabeth Edwards

Emanuel Pacheco


Filipa Lowndes Vicente

Filipe Rocha

Gaspar Madeira


Heike Behrend

Isildo Martins

Janaina Gonçalves

Joana Fraga

João Ana

João Ferreira

João Francisco

José Luis Mendonça

Pe. Zé Maria

Luis Moreno

Luis Pedro

Luisa Almeida

Marcelina Hiange

Marcelo Cândido

Maria José Lobo Antunes

Mariana Liz

Margarida Silva

Marta Lança



Matteo Tonini

Milciades Chicomo

Nuno Barreto

Orlando Pacheco

Patricia Pedro

Patricia Scalco

Pedro Figueiredo Neto

Petra Tjitske Kalshoven

Ricardo Moreira

Rita Almeida de Carvalho

Rosa Melo

Rosa Pacheco

Rui Lopes

Telmo António

Teresa Barros

Valter Chissingui

Village of Katuwo

Virgilio Victória Pereira

Further information: Inês Ponte, ineslponte[a]