Special Mention Best Short Film


Frames Film Festival, Stockholm

March 2018

“The jury (Cristèle Alves Meira, Johan Fogde Dias and Sabrina D. Marques) stated that “as a progressive search of complicity and transcultural approximation, ‘Making a living in the dry season’ constructs an intimate portrait of the context it is submerged in. The permanent communication in between who is being filmed and who is filming results in an emotive homage to the habits and practices of the ancestral feminine. Within a framework shaped by universal common values, the maternal role acquires a central importance in a precious film, truthfully dedicated to bring our attention closer to a reality that needs to be seen.””

Making a Living in the Dry Season is a documentary produced in the context of a PhD research in Social Anthropology with Visual Media, at the University of Manchester. Taking advantage of all stages of the film production as a research method, the final film portrays the development of a double notion of labour in a highland village in Southern Angola and during the dry season: the usual making a living and the exceptional making of a doll, at the filmmaker’s request.

The Press Kit can be found here