Nelisita: a screening trajectory

Nelisita is a 1982 feature film directed by Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, inspired by two oral narratives, of the agro-pastoralist Ovamwila, in Southern Angola. It is one of the only feature fiction spoken in an african vernacular language, and one of the few fictional Angolan films.

Since its release in 1982, the film won awards in several festivals and was screened in different countries in Europe, Africa and in various towns in Brazil. From the mid 1990s onwards, Nelisita was occasionally screened in Europe, Brazil and Angola in thematic film sessions approaching post-colonial African or Angolan film productions’ relationship with the nation-building projects after independence, or in the context of tributes, exhibitions and debates specifically dedicated to the director’s work.

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An alternative visual presentation of Nelisita’s screening trajectory

Nelisita, film poster, 1982.

Poster of the 11th Figueira Film Art, Figueira da Foz, 1982

Fundo RDC 2015 ©. Nelisita won the City Award of the Amiens International Film Festival, in France, 1983.

13th International Moscow Film Festival, 1983. Nelisita was screened as part of the festival's competition program.

Cover of the Programme of Angolan Films, Brazil, 1983.

Poster of the 1st Film Festival of the Portuguese Speaking Countries, Aveiro, 1984.

Poster of the 34th Berlinale - International Film Festival. Nelisita was screened at the Forum Section.

Fundo RDC 2015 ©. Special Jury Award Certificate. Cartagena Film Festival, 1984.

Cover from the Portuguese Cinematheque programme, including reference to the section: Films from Africa, Lisbon, 1995.

Poster of FESPACO - Panafrican Film Festival of Ouagadougou, 1985. Nelisita won the 7th Art Prize.

RDC 2015 ©. In 1985, Nelisita and other 47 African films were screened at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, as part of Racines Noires: A Panorama of African Cinema.

Poster of the First Frontline Film Festival, 1990, Harare, Zimbabwe. Nelisita won the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Creative Sound.

Poster from the 7th African Cinema Festival in Milano, 1997. Nelisita was screened in a film retrospective dedicated to Angola.

Poster of Dockanema Festival of Documentary in Maputo, 2009. Nelisita was screened in a film cycle dedicated to Ruy Duarte de Carvalho's work.

Poster from the 67th Locarno Film Festival. Nelisita was screened at the Open Doors Screening.

Poster from the cinema cycle "The Films of the African Independences", 2015. Nelisita is screened at the University of Lisbon in a film session dedicated to post-colonial African films.

Poster from the cycle Ephemeral Landscapes and from the exhibition "A Delicated Zone of Commitment", Quadrum Galery, Lisbon, 2015. The exhibition dialogued with Ruy Duarte de Carvalho's work, and Nelisita was screened in a parallel session.

Nelisita, film poster, 1982.

Nelisita (original version in Olunyaneka, with Portuguese subtitles) online available at RDC virtual. 127 fotogramas ou 34 cenas de Nelisita (14 min), a remake based on archived photographs, also available online.