Seminar conversation with Patricia Hayes and Iona Gilburt, the guest editors of the special issue of Kronos 46 (November 2020), Other Lives of the Image, who will engage the Introduction to the volume as well as introduce some of the articles, chaired by Phindi Mnyaka.
This is part of the long-running Seminar in Contemporary History & Humanities that is run by the History Department and the Centre for Humanities Research at University of Western Cape, South Africa.
Based on pre-circulating papers and appointing a discussant, the authors present short introductory statements, receive comments from the discussant, and then engage with audience questions in some detail.
The seminar will be held on Tuesday 9 March at 2.30 pm local SA time, which is 07.30 in New York and Toronto, 12.30 in the UK and Portugal (present time difference), 22.30 in Brisbane, and 20.30 in Perth.