Imagined Pasts: Colonialism, Photography and Archives

International Workshop

4th – 5th November 2019

Institute of Social Sciences

University of Lisbon

The international workshop Imagined Pasts: Colonialism, Photography and Archives takes place at ICS-ULisboa in Lisbon, Portugal, between 4 and 5 November 2019.

Imagined Pasts aims to foster a space to debate photographic collections from the colonial period. It gathers scholars to discuss the production of images in the former colonies, and the movements of photographs over time and through space.

Presentations address the uses and spaces (memorialistic, museal, scientific, political) in which the contemporary revisiting of photographic images is taking place, along with its multiple connections with intimate, historical and political representations of colonial pasts.

The 2-day workshop includes 9 panels, one of which supported by Colour of Labour (ERC AdG 695573).

Programme available here.
Facebook event here.

Organizers: Maria José Lobo Antunes, Inês Ponte, Filipa Lowndes Vicente

Ana Gandum participated as a speaker.