9th October 2019

Nova University of Lisbon

Almada Negreiros College

209 room, Campolide

The conference Photography, History, Archive, addresses the frictions regarding the concepts of history, memory and archive, in the crossroads of distinct fields in Humanities and Social Sciences such as visual culture, arts, history, anthropology and philosophy. Photography is proposed here as an object of interception between these different domains, in order to stimulate a reflection on its role in the construction of narratives and counter-narratives, their temporal stratifications, their aesthetical and discursive possibilities.

The participation of photography in the construction of an historical meaning that covers many of its material and symbolic singularities will be addressed, such as photography’s historiographical and fictional abilities. Thus, the archive, as envisaged by authors like Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin, works as opening site to envisage different possible futures, such as the reorganisation of the sensitive world and the emergence of counter-ruling narratives.

Ana Gandum and Inês Ponte will take part in the conference as speakers.


Table 01 – 10h30 – 12h00 Mauricio Lissovsky & Nélio Conceição (Moderation Margarida Medeiros) 

Mesa 02 – 12h00 – 13h00 Lorena Travassos & Inês Ponte  (Moderation Ana Gandum) 

Mesa 03 – 14:45h – 16:15h Teresa Flores, Vitor Flores & António Carmo (Moderation Filipa Vicente) 

Mesa 04 – 16h30 – 17h30 Artistic Works: Ana Gandum and Carimbaria – Keli Freitas (cartas e cartões postais portugueses no Brasil) (Moderation Filippo de Tomasi)