© Madalena Duque dos Santos
Two High school students, participants of the Session dedicated to Anthropology at the University of Lisbon Summer 2019, week dedicated to “Discovering Social Sciences”
wrote a short feedback on the session that took place on the 4th July.
Written in Portuguese, freely translated to english.

Watching “Making a Living in the Dry Season”, a documentary by Inês Ponte

The week at the Institute of Social Sciences, gave us a clear experience of what is the university program of this faculty. Among it, was the screening of “Making a Living in the Dry Season”, and the testimony of an anthropologist that lived one year in Southern Angola.

After a brief introduction to the main key concepts of the discipline, we saw a short film that illustrated the life of this anthropologist at the time the events took place, a short videos on the day-to-day activities of a family. 

Afterwards we debated several images and ideas of the film and raised our question and doubts. In an attempt to experience a cultural practice of the villagers, we made beaded bracelets, and found it a difficult leisure activity of these populations.

Salvador Almeida and Catarina Ferreira, participants of the week “Discovering Social Sciences 2019“.