How do we treat our collective memory and what power is vested in archives through their handling of it? How can we make archive film footage accessible to everyone, and give it new life and meaning? A discussion between Tamer El Said, Inês Ponte, and Catarina Simão – moderated by Diana McCarty with host Jumọke Adeyanju for the programme Latitude on air.



Hear the discussion here (talk in English, recorded in february 2020):


and the introduction of the programme (German and English) here:


Latitude on Air was conceived in June 2020 as an accompanying radio programme for the online festival LATITUDE. Over four days, experts, artists and activists explored the festival’s themes, embedded in the larger framework of global dialogue on colonial power relations, their consequences and how to overcome them. As a follow-up, the idea was born to develop a monthly radio programme together with the Goethe-Institut and the Radionetzwerk Berlin (along with, cashmere radio, SAVVYZAAR and WEAREBORNFREE! Empowerment Radio). The two-hour programme offers the opportunity to present current topics and discourses in radio format, available afterwards as online download.
The programme is divided into two parts; a first, approximately half-hour magazine segment offers interview clips, short features and current thematic anchors, while the second segment allows longer programmes for more experimental formats, in which the programme’s main topics can be presented.